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Get involved!

There are many ways of making the lives of people who produce our bananas and pineapples better. Some of them don’t require more than a few clicks of the mouse – you can send an urgent appeal to those who are responsible for the violation of people’s rights or destruction of the environment from your living room or bed. Nothing is easier than talking about our campaign to your friends and family and recommending our website. Fruit stories won’t have happier endings without your help – get involved!

How can I take action?

Create your own campaign action

Get creative and design an action that suits you!

Respond to urgent actions

Help people in specific cases of rights violations – every e-card counts!

Lobby for change

Politicians need to hear your voice - make sure that the needs of small producers and plantation workers stay on the political agenda.

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There are also campaign materials and other resources available from the Banana Link website.

Why get involved?

  • If rights are eroded in one part of the world they will eventually lower everywhere.
  • Workers and small farmers should not be forced to pay a high price so that we can buy cheap tropical fruit.
  • We have a global responsibility to protect our environment - our consumer choices can have a direct impact on how it is treated.
  • If we do not help to change how tropical fruits are traded workers will not earn a living wage which traps them and their families in poverty.
  • Because you have the power - as a consumer, an activist and a citizen - to make a difference to the lives of the people that grow and harvest the fruits that you eat.
  • Because you have the freedom to defend your rights and express your opinions - and want others to enjoy these rights too.

What is the impact?

  • Responding to urgent actions can put pressure on companies to reinstate sacked workers or provide better health and safety equipment.
  • By visiting this site and then telling others what you have learnt you are raising awareness and increasing the number of people who may take action in the future!
  • Sending an email to a company or retailer means they know that you are aware of what the real situation on the ground is… and are watching them! This pressure makes companies take action to improve conditions for workers and talk to the unions that represent them.
  • Lobbying politicians can contribute to changes in how supermarket treatment of their overseas suppliers is regulated